Artist's Book

Book Tool from a project by Sara Leghissa in collaboration with Marzia Dalfini Design Marzia Dalfini Published by NERO with the support of L'Altra Individual orders and information,

The illegal gesture has a symbolic and material power, because it makes power visible and evident. It goes against the rigidity and fixity of power, and so things seem to have always been like this. Maddalena Fragnito

WILL YOU MARRY ME ?, Artist’s Book by Sara Leghissa and Marzia Dalfini is a book whose ultimate ambition is to “disappear on the street”. Its pages collect words and stories of people whose right to exist and be visible in public spaces was forced to confront the concepts of “legality” and “justice”. All the content was collected by the artist during meetings and conversations that took place in Prato, Milan, Ramallah, Marseille, Madrid, Nyon and Lausanne and with this book-object their words become manifestos that the reader is invited to detach and relocate into the public space.


Nobody: a science fiction story

written by Stella Succi, layout and graphic Giulia Polenta
Nobodys Indiscipline/ Milano 2019

Have you never been (Il)legal?

Proposta per una pratica di disobbedienza individuale
Layout and graphic by Marzia Dalfini


created by Erica Preli
Nobodys Indiscipline/ Milano 2018

Il segreto

created by Anna Magni
Nobodys Indiscipline/ Milano 2017

Open to any page and begin from what is written

created by Marzia Dalfini
Nobodys Business/ Bruxelles 2016


Niente da perdere

created by Emanuele Braga, Luca Chiaudano, Marzia Dalfini, Maddalena Fragnito, Camilla Pin
Nobodys Indiscipline/ Milano 2016