[work in progress]

Concept Sara Leghissa device designed in collaboration with Tomas Gonzalez foley sound Manuela Schininà sound design Silvia Laureti installation Alice Leonardi, Marzia Dalfini executive production Martina Merico produced by Associazione L’Altra coproduced by Azienda Speciale Palexpo- Mattatoio | Progetto Prendersi Cura Roma, Parallèle Festival Marseille, Lieux Publics Marseille, Les Tombées De La Nuit Rennes with the support of Triennale Teatro dell’Arte Milano, Base Milano, far Festival Nyon company financed by Mic_Ministero della Cultura

“A reptilarium (or any type of vivarium for that matter) always displays scenery, mineral or vegetal. The game in front of its glass panes consists by and large of locating the captive, discerning the animal. Why do we tap on the glass? To see movement. The word vivarium tells us that it is exposing life. But at first, nothing moves. It is not only that the unknown animal may show itself to be utterly immobile, like the three crocodiles holding an intolerable vigil in the next room. But it can happen, it usually happens, that nothing shows itself. Then the game is to seek the form, the living form that is supposed to be there before me, on an indifferent ground of sand, pebbles or plants, all the elements appropriate for "recreating", as we dare to call it, the beast's "environment" ”

The paradox of the phasmid, Georges Didi Huberman